Vincent Thoer-Fabre

Game designer – Economy designer

Graduated from a Bachelor of Laws and final year student at UQAT in creation and new media, design profile. I have a special interest in progression and monetization systems in video games, as well as user reasearch. I am eager to learn more and am looking to join a dynamic team! Please note that the english part of the website is still in progress. More information can be found in french or by contacting me directly.

Doodle war

A live event game based on creativity. Bring your drawings to life and have them fight in the arena! The […]


System Design


Endless Runner on Android completed in 48 hours. Find animals to keep your lineage alive and evolve! Game Jam UQAT […]

Game Design

Game Jam


Ubisoft 2020 Contest. Online Coop Platformer. In this adventure where death is inevitable, even the worst enemies will have to […]

Team Lead

Level Design