Ubisoft 2020 Contest. Online Coop Platformer.
In this adventure where death is inevitable, even the worst enemies will have to cooperate. Face the ghosts of your past to lift the curse that haunts your families.


DieDieTower is a game produced in 10 weeks for the Ubisoft 2020 competition. We had to create an online co-op game on the “generation” theme. We decided to make a game for players who like to cooperate as much as they like playing tricks.

The player shoots his own ally to turn him into a platform

It is therefore a cooperative platform game in which players can kill each other. This mechanic is at the heart of the gameplay because it is what will allow players to advance through the levels. When a character dies, he becomes a ghost that carries a tombstone that can be climbed. The player then takes control of the character’s offspring and reappears at the last checkpoint.

Role in the project

I was in charge of the design as well as the team management. It was with the help of programmers and artists that I developed an original gameplay concept that takes advantage of everyone’s strengths and that can be completed in 10 weeks. I then focused on the design of the levels and the 3Cs.

The Ubisoft 2020 competition was canceled in the last month of production due to COVID-19 containment, but we still decided to finish the project by working remotely. We then presented it to the jury during online playtests. We knew we hadn’t been able to do everything we wanted for this project, but we are still very happy with the result and the positive feedback we received.

© Marianne Kake / Emma Bourcier / Olivier Beaudoin / Vincent Thoer-Fabre / Laurence Denis-Sylvain / Olivier Coupal