Endless Runner on Android completed in 48 hours. Find animals to keep your lineage alive and evolve! Game Jam UQAT 2019 Audience Award.

Each time the player’s animal mates with another animal, it takes control of their offspring whose characteristics depend on both parents. He will have to evolve and find other animals before dying to make his species survive. This can be difficult as the animals become increasingly rare on the way.

Role in the project

I was in charge of the design of the mechanics and the progression system. Each mechanism or system is linked to the theme of an animal. The increase in speed over the course of the game depends on the number of cheetahs found while the height of the jumps depends on the number of rabbits. Finding turtles allows you to increase the lifespan of your animal and elephants give the possibility of knocking down obstacles in its path. The biggest challenge was balancing the increase in different stats like speed and health depending on the number of animals found so that the game didn’t get too difficult too quickly, but the player had a real feeling of progress.

© Nathan Lamothe / Yan Nelson-Lapointe / Laurent Duthoy / Vincent Thoer-Fabre / Andric Roy-Doyon / Mathieu Clerveau