Graduated from a Bachelor of Laws and final year student at UQAT in creation and new media, design profile. I have a special interest in progression and monetization systems in video games, as well as user reasearch. I am eager to learn more and am looking to join a dynamic team! Please note that the english part of the website is still in progress. More information can be found in french or by contacting me directly.

I am a fan of strategy games with a passion for video game design. My law studies allowed me to develop my communication and problem solving skills. After graduation, I decided to focus on my passion, video games.

I have had the chance to explore many aspects of the gaming field through different projects and experiences. My studies at the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue taught me how to work in a team, how to use many game creation tools and how to handle different design concepts.

My Kickstarter campaign taught me how to manage all stages of a game’s production, from design to production, fundraising and marketing.

The presentation to the general public of an event game of my design during the Nuit Blanche de Montréal at the BAnQ pushed me to focus on the user experience and to develop my accessibility skills.

My participation in the Ubisoft 2020 competition was for me an incredible teamwork experience in which I was the sole designer, the team leader as well as the manager.

Finally, the different gamejams in which I participated as well as my involvement in events like the MEGA-MIGS made me discover many amazing people who are the reason why I intend to continue in this field.

I am currently looking for a full time job or internship in the video game industry. Feel free to contact me for more information!

My resume